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Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration Studies Online Guidebook

The USAID-NREL partnership recently launched a new online resource that builds on the existing 2020 publication on variable renewable energy grid integration studies. This easy-to-use guidebook serves as a concise yet comprehensive reference tool for decision-makers, detailing the strategies, best practices, and essential terminology associated with the execution of a high-quality grid integration study.

Nations globally are setting bold objectives to increase the role of renewable energy in satisfying their domestic energy needs. However, the inherent variability and unpredictability of certain renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, mean that integrating these resources into the grid at high volumes necessitates a transformation in the approach to power system planning and operations. In preparing for this transformation, stakeholders in the power system can initiate a grid integration study. This guidebook aims to familiarize policymakers, regulators, operators, and other supporting organizations within the power system with the concept and practice of renewable energy grid integration studies.

You can find the 'Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration Studies' online guidebook here. Access the original guidebook PDF here.

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